Virginia Salas Kastilio


Virginia is our founder and CEO. A “third culture kid” who went to over a dozen different schools and managed over a billion dollars at Apple and Oracle without a degree, Virginia decided to start from scratch and build an online following. She has been named the #1 female snapchat influencer in the world and the hired gun behind organizations like the BBC, NASDAQ, and others.

Oscar Perriman

Content Writer

Oscar Perriman is the founder of Jeffrey Llama, a Gen Z video production company who specialise in script writing and video editing. Raised between Australia and the UK, Oscar developed a fascination with boundary pushing works of fiction that incorporate real life concerns in a more acceptable way. He loves to write anything from fun action musicals to probing psychological dramas. However, his talents truly lay in his comedic works, focusing on outrageous satire and the contrasting comedy of the mundane. He has currently set his sights on creating his own an original Netflix series.

Mike Ranolph

Tech Guy

Due to Mikes extensive IT knowledge from his previous role, he has been very hands on with all the IT needs the business requires. He is also an online video creator who works on videos with a meaning. Mike also runs his own business on the side

Rachel Pregunta

Instagram Strategist

Rachel has made a career out of travelling the world and documenting her experiences. With over 200K blog readers and continuous hotel collaborations, Rachel naturally gravitated to Instagram and soon mastered the platform.

Dimag Ozgum


Dimag Ozgum of @VacationWolf is a Digital Marketer, Creator, Investor, and Advisor to 10s of multi-million dollar travel brands. Also, he is the brainchild behind the most amazing moments captured on VacationWolf which is the %0.1 Instagram Influencer in the travel community. He founded VacationWolf in San Francisco, California as a Digital Marketing Agency for the new age. He passionately creates viral photography and videography for brands around the world, specializing in luxury and deeper travel experiences. Dimag has collaborated with brands such as Uber, Google, Visit Mexico and Toyota. Today, #VacationWolf is one of the most popular travel hashtags ever!

Bryant Robinson

Marketing Strategist

I am committed to helping you establish yourself as the best and only choice in your area for total market domination. I take a extremely different approach than most consultants so if you are looking for mediocre results then look elsewhere...However, if you are looking to become the well known best in your area then we need to talk!